Microchip controlled professional firing systems for fireworks

What to choose...?

MerlinEasy - if you need easy firing system for small shows where you need to fire each effect manually. You can use the firing units for starting of the sequencers also. If you want to fire the effects in the same time on more places together, you can set the firing modules to the same letter or send the command for all the firing modules together. You can't programme the units.

MerlinShot - if you need small firing system for special effects on the actor's body or you need to put some ipyro effects on inaccessible places.

MerlinStep - if you begin with the first pre-programmed shows and don't want to invest a lot of money into large system. You can combine more MerlinStep units into one network or start the sequencers with the programmed modules. You can save some cues fir direct firing and combine them with the programmed sequences. The whole show can be started with one button...

MerlinMatch - if you need more cheap but programmable cues to the system you have now. Or if you want to experiment with one-shot effects and create nice creations without use cues on expensiver units. If you want to prepare small fireworks for one-impulse starting, this unit is what you search now.

MerlinMatchSE - if you're handyman and want to build your own firing system, buy this complete board and put it into your case. You save the money for our case what you perhaps don't need. This unit can be used as stand-alone sequencer, or you can build very large firing network and connect it to your PC or our higher firing system in the future.

MerlinFireIII - if you need the best what we can offer, you're on the right way. Many combinations of use, big power, low consumption, good price per cue, more cue than you can ever use. Wired, wireless, with PC, without PC, connect to another firing system as slave or master,... do you need something more?

When a safety match is not enough...
use computer controlled firing systems Merlin

Firing the fireworks is a certain kind of art, especially for the two following reasons: the one who launches the fireworks must have imagination in order to compose a spectacular show out of the single effects. In addition to this, he must have a feeling for synchronization and improvisation when firing the fireworks.

However, as the audiences´ requirements are growing together with the virtual reality development hardly anybody would be dazzled by fire blasting and that is why various launcher units rather easily available at the market are used. The one who has the abilities needed for the push-button control of the fireworks and does not want to miss out the unforgettable experience when after pressing the button the fireworks are fired, will choose the common firing panel. Advantage of these simple units is their high reliability and low price. Disadvantage is then a lengthy instalment of the distribution cables, exacting operation of the firing and a demanding preparation of the fireworks scenario.

Another possibility is to use a semi-automatic devices produced by different companies and in various types. There is an effort to reduce the number of cables, to use microcomputer control and module composition system. These devices are on different levels of reliability, complexity of the functions provided and the price as well.

Because no device available at the market did not fulfil all the requirements we had set on these devices, we decided to follow our own way of development.

We offer these digital firing systems:

Total view of the technical parameters:

comparison table of Merlin products
  MerlinEasy MerlinStep MerlinShot MerlinMatch MerlinMatchSE MerlinFireIII
cues per unit 128 (32*4) 24 4 32 32 100
max. cues in network combined combined combined combined 3200 >10000
impulse Volts/Amper 25/4 24/5 25/4 25/4 25/4 (24/8) 50/10
igniters/cue in serie 15..30 20..30 15..30 20..30 20..30 40..60
igniters/cue in parallel 2..4 2..4 2..4 2..4 2..4 6..10
igniters/cue total 30..120 40..120 20..40 40..120 40..120 240..500
igniter connection test yes yes yes yes yes yes
cable connection no no no no yes yes
wireless connection yes yes yes no no yes
bidirect. communicat. no no no no yes yes
FireLine input no no no yes yes yes
power supply ext. 12 V int. 24 V int. 9 V ext. 12 V ext. 12/24 V int. 50 V
waterproof case no yes no no no yes
programmable no yes yes yes yes yes
time step in second --- 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
time accuracy in sec. 0.05 0.001 0.05 0.001 0.001 0.001
price per cue low middle high low low middle